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I love life and I'd love to find a special man to share my life with. My life is full and happy with a job I love, close family relationships, fantastic friends and I'm blessed with good health. My positive attitude and healthy lifestyle provide me a great outlook on life. I've been described as a high-energy person who also knows how to relax and enjoy life. I take life easily and usually don't sweat the small stuff. I'm perceptive and generally aware of other people's feelings. I'm inquisitive, yet not intrusive. I like to laugh and I love to cuddle and be surprised. I have a sense of humor and a playful personality. Family and friendships are very important to me. I'm open minded, love being around people and am a good listener. I'm honest, communicative, sensitive, affectionate, genuine, attractive, intelligent and kind. I want to be in a relationship that's mutually rewarding and emotionally fulfilling in which both people can grow and experience enjoyment
с Мужчиной
в возрасте 41-60 лет
Цель знакомства:
Дружба и общение,
Брак, создание семьи,
Занятия спортом
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I'm looking for a best friend to share all the wonderful things in life; a kind, secure and self-confident man who appreciates open and honest communication; a man who has a sense of humor, a playful personality, a positive attitude and knows how to have fun and enjoy life; a man who is not afraid to show his emotions and to share real intimacy. I may be a hopeless romantic but I want to find my 'beseecher', my true soul mate. I believe what's inside a person is what's most important yet "chemistry" must exist for a relationship to work.
I like listening to country music hip pop jazz and blues I like action/adventurous comedy romance and thrillers I eat anything especially Italian dishes Chinese and German I like whisky Horses cats fish and dogs Volleyball and bowling
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