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You know, during our lifetime we have a dream about finding the perfect one to love. It could be a fantasy or destiny, either way, we actually, have a virtual picture in our minds about how we would like this woman or man look like or how he/she should be in terms of virtues and attributes. Mate decisions, to make it into realities and hope for the best. I had a dream about the perfect woman in my life, good looking, considerate, loving, caring, affectionate, passionate, with honesty and integrity. Sometimes, it would it take us a lifetime to find it, other times, just happens instantly. I can see we are miles away from each other but i do believe distance should not come between two loving hearts, if we can get to know each other, the distance would not be a problem. However I also believe Where there is a will there is a way.. I'm in search of my Soul & Dream Mate, Lover, wife and Life Companion would so much appreciate... Hoping to read from you.since my ex has passed some years ago. I want a woman that I would be able to share both my good and bad experiences with. A woman that we would both love each other for the rest of our live.
с Женщиной
в возрасте 31-50 лет
Цель знакомства:
Дружба и общение,
Любовь, отношения,
Брак, создание семьи
Кого я хочу найти:
I need a woman, that can make me happy for the rest of my Life, my Soul & Dream Mate,Lover,wife and Life Companion... Someone who loves to read, play board games, dance, go to the beach, share quality time and enjoy life together.. Happy to work together and make us both happy. Well I hope you are enjoying this?
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Не нуждаюсь в спонсоре и не хочу им быть
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Engineer,contractor and builder
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Постоянный небольшой доход
Своя квартира