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My favorite pastime is reading a book. It relaxes me and I have a collection of books. I also appreciate classical music, instrumental relaxation music, country and folk songs, old and contemporary love songs in any language. Music has its own way of communicating to the heart and mind and soul that for me it doesn't matter whether I understand the language of the lyrics. The sonata alone is enough to touch my whole being. I always want to sing, but I don't have the gift of a singing voice. Nevertheless, i was always a member of the school choral group in grade school, high school and college. I also appreciate ballroom dancing though I am not really a good dancer. I am mesmerized by dancers of dancesports. I love cooking and baking and I would like to study to become a chef if I have time. I long to make a perfumed garden where I grow only the selected sweet-smelling flowers that bloom day and night with butterflies fluttering all around. I like to arrange cutflowers in a vase, it enlivens a room. There is so much love in my heart, that i want to share it with someone special. As the saying goes, "A bell is not a bell till you ring it, a song is not a song till you sing it, love is not love till you share it. "
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в возрасте 26-80 лет
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Брак, создание семьи
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I am seeking for a harmonious and serious relationship based on mutual love and understanding that is meant to be forever and will last until all eternity. I am looking for a woman who is responsible and committed, lovable and loving and wants to have a meaningful and lasting relationship like I do.
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